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Being a volunteer at Awaken is a big thing.

Volunteers are the people that make Sunday mornings happen and help us function well throughout the week. We are always in need of volunteers. If you have been coming to Awaken for a while, or call Awaken Church your home church, we would love it if you would consider becoming a volunteer.

We believe that serving is a natural response to a life transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s evident all throughout the Bible.

We also believe God has given you specific gifts and talents to make a difference in our church and in our community.

take a moment to download our Spiritual Gift Assessment to see how God has gifted you.

Our weekend worship gatherings provide numerous opportunities for you to serve and there are also multiple ways to help throughout the week. As you serve, you will not only use your gifts to advance the mission of the church, but you will be able to build lasting friendships with other people who want to make a difference in our city.

Our Current Ministry Needs are as follows:

Small groups & Equip Classes: 

  • Volunteers are needed that desire to lead or host a small group or equip classes.  

Care Team:

  • Volunteers are needed to make phone calls of encouragement and people to send letters of encouragement. 

Church Upkeep:

  • Volunteers are needed to help with mowing, weed control, edging, etc. 


  • Meal train volunteers are needed- this helps provide meals for families with newborns, those sick recovering from surgery. 

AwakenKids Cleaning Team:

  • About 3-4 volunteers are needed who are willing to serve and help clean classrooms 1-2 times a month. 

AwakenKids Check In Team:

  • We need a team of about 4 people who can serve on a bi-weekly rotation for one service.

AwakenKids Classroom Leaders:

  • We are in need of 7 more adults to serve in classrooms for first service.

  • We are in need of 11 more volunteers to serve in classrooms for second service.

Guest Services:

  • Volunteers are needed to help serve bi-weekly by greeting, welcoming first time guests, ushering, and serving at the Next Steps area. While first service help is needed, there is a more immediate need for second service volunteers.


  • We have a need for Sound Techs, Musicians & Vocalists : (including Drums, Bass, Guitarist, Piano) and we also have a need for ProPresenter operators.

Awaken Church Emergency Management: 

  • Additional personnel are needed for security and medical - both need up to date certifications provided. 

Awaken Students:

  • Volunteers are needed to help lead Awaken Students.

To get involved, sign up below and indicate which team (or teams) you’d like to be apart of and we’ll follow up!

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