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Womens Summer Series

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You’re invited to join Awaken Women as we reclaim the abundance of Summer. Our mission this Summer is to commit to our sisters in Gospel community as we cultivate faith and fruitful friendships.  

This series will carry us from June through August. Each month's Summer Nights Celebration and Summer Days Book Clubs will share a friendship focus: Friend of Jesus (June), Friend to my Neighbor (July) and Friend to my Sister (August).

You’ll leave Summer Nights Celebrations challenged to jump in for Summer Days Book Clubs as we seek to better understand and apply God’s direction and design for fruitful friendships that will matter not just right now but for eternity.  

It's going to be a Summer of worship, fellowship and fun! Mark your calendars now!

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Summer Nights Celebrations

Join us Friday, June 14, from 7-9 p.m. at Awaken for our kickoff Celebration!

It’s our prayer the Spirit of God moves in you this Summer in such a way that the abundant life Jesus meant for us pours out into our church, our city and even to the ends of the world. This kind of movement of God should be celebrated!

Summer Nights Celebrations will be a time of praise for what the Lord is doing in our midst through worship, equipping and fellowship. 

We're excited to open these celebrations to our youth middle and high school girls as well. You do not have to participate in a book club to join us for the celebrations. Hop into these offerings as your Summer season allows. 

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Summer Days Book Clubs

We hope Summer Days Book Clubs will be organic in nature as you make them work for your  Summer season. Meet at the park, the pool, the backyard fire pit, the living room floor. For 4 weeks, we ask your focus simply be growing in faith and tending to fruitful friendships. Book Club Sessions will run between our Summer Nights Celebrations and carry the same friendship focus. 

In His Image by: Jen Wilkin 
Groups begin the week of 6/16

The Turquoise Table by: Kristin Schell 
Groups begin the week of 7/14

Messy Beautiful Friendship by: Christine Hoover 
Groups begin the week of 8/11



Are you ready for our friendship focus to permeate your day-to-day conversations? We've curated an entire page of resources just for you! Each of these resources lend to our Summer Series mission to understand God's design and direction for fruitful friendships. 

Follow the link below for access and take time to dig through these resources. Many links will take you to the author's and ministry's main pages. There's an abundance of options! Find what may serve you well as you grow in understanding God's design and direction for friendship in your life.

Invite friends to join you in these friendship resources and make sure you've checked out Summer Nights Celebrations and Book Club details!

For more details and vision to our Summer Series, join the conversation in our Awaken Women Facebook Group.