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The Significant Woman - Sign up

Equip class // The significant woman // Led by: renee rowell & Amber Albert

awaken church / tuesdays at 6:30pm / Women

*Please note, the cost of this course is $25.

Class begins Tuesday, 9/10/19 and will run weekly through Tuesday, 11/27/19.

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The Significant Woman is a discipleship course that represents a new kind of learning process. By utilizing life-coaching methods, caring facilitators and personal peer coaches, this unique course provides a method of personal discovery like no other. It combines the Word of God with biblical life principles and is presented in a warm, caring and secure environment, allowing you to apply what you are learning to your daily life.

Begin your exciting life-changing journey of discovery today. Here’s how The Significant Woman course will benefit you.

The freedom to be who you are…

The Significant Woman discipleship course let’s you…well, be you! God created every woman unique — a woman of worth! By discovering your uniqueness you will see clearly God’s personal plan for you.

You will have a partner on your journey…

As you participate in The Significant Woman Life-Coaching Group you will have a personal Peer Coach. Your Peer Coach is a confidant, cheerleader, encourager, and a partner with you on your journey. Together you will discover God’s unique mission for your life while enjoying great fellowship (and lots of fun!) with other women on the same journey.

You will deepen your walk with God…

The principles in this course will help you understand how to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord, drawing your strength and guidance from Him alone. Through this process, you will understand what it means to live your life of significance in God’s power.

You will form a biblical “grid” for evaluating life decisions…

The Significant Woman course is very practical and equips you for “real life.” It gives you the foundational principles to form a grid for making life decisions.

You will discover your mission and learn how to stay focused…

Did you know that very few women have a personal mission statement? Only through knowing your personal mission are you able to stay grounded and focused on what God has called you to do. Your mission will influence your spiritual life as well as every facet of your life — your family, children, spouse, money, vocation, and personal priorities.

This resource will help you discover answers to life’s most important questions in a way that enables you to readily integrate Biblical principles into your total life. Because of the interactive dynamics of the course, you’ll form lasting friendships with those who are on the same journey with you.