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AwakenKids Easter Performance

AwakenKids presents: easter Performance

AwakenKids presents a signing and scripture reading Easter performance coming to you Sunday, April 7, 2019 during both services! If your child would like to sing on the corporate worship stage with their peers or read a line of scripture, please sign them up today.  This is open to ages 3 through 5th grade ONLY.  Kids will need to commit to daily practice at home, regularly attending Sunday kids services (their assigned class) leading up through the performance date, and attend assigned rehearsals. Sign up below! You must be signed up to perform!

You can list more than one child!
Phone *
My/ our child(ren) will plan to perform at the: *
I/we agree to hold my/ our child accountable to practicing at home. I/we understand that at-home practice is the primary source for practice due to limited time in Awaken Kids. I/we commit to arriving to church at the time designated, which will be announced at a later date by the AwakenKids Worship Leader, on 4/7/19 at our pre-selected service time (9:30am or 11:00am). I/we commit to do our best to bring my/our child to AwakenKids every Sunday leading up to 4/7 to maximize my child’s practice time as well as try to attend most, if not all, of the rehearsals. *
My child may be photographed for promotion purposes. This may be shared on the church's social media and/or website as well as the Sunday morning gathering announcements. *