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Elementary Worship Team

Elementary worship team

We are currently looking to further develop a team of kid volunteers who want to be on our Elementary worship team (no instrumental or voice talent needed as this is more of a role for those who are energetic and love Jesus and can learn motions to songs).  Please continue reading if this sounds intriguing to your child.

Here is what you need to know/do:

  • This is open to Elementary (grades 1 through 5) only.

  • Children will need to sign up in order to participate. Please contact Sara Ponds with questions.

  • Please don't feel pressured to sign your child up if getting in front of their classmates on stage and learning movements and words to the songs makes them nervous. Though kids will sing (to worship Jesus), they will be singing to songs that have lyric videos so others won’t really hear the kids singing.  The primary focus will be on the motions.

  • We are looking for kids who can commit to attending scheduled practices to learn new songs.  Practices typically last an hour or less and are usually scheduled no more than once per month.  We are also looking for kids who can commit to consistently come to church each week with only the occasional Sunday off.  

  • These kids will work with Sara to learn songs and come up with/learn motions to songs that they can perform on Sunday mornings.  We are looking for them to enthusiastically encourage their peers to join them, as well as teach their peers the motions.

  • Please sign up below, or download the attached permission form and return to your child’s teacher.

For His Glory,

Your AwakenKids Director and AwakenKids Music Leader!

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