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Grace Still Stands


Grace Still Stands

Matt Hahn

Grace Still Stands
By Abdoulaye Thiam


Like a captured soldier, 
He took their every command, 
She began to show her beautiful face, 
Then Grace began to stand.


Abuse redefined, was surely in line, 
For this man in all the lands, 
She smiled as he suffered, 
Without words to utter,
But Grace still stands. 


Things got worse, but he would not curse, 
At the trial with angry bands, 
She saw as they lied, 
He would be crucified,
But Grace still stands. 


Marching to the hill for an easy kill, 
They played on pots and pans, 
She held her breath, 
For this joyous death, 
But Grace still stands.


"There He is, the King of the Jews," 
Worship Him by throwing sand, 
He cried out loud to this stunned crowd, 
But Grace continues to stand.


His strength was gone; the nails were long, 
And poking through His wrists and hands, 
With His last breath, the curtain was torn, 
And Grace continues to stand.


In the tomb, His body was laid, 
And Grace waited for that third day, 
He opened his eyes; she wasn't surprised, 
That death had no power to play.


Grace quietly rejoiced and then aloud, 
As the stone was rolled away, 
He walked about in the light of day,
Victorious, but could not stay.


He found His friends, as they met again, 
Longing to see His hands, 
Grace spread to all friends and enemies alike,
Even the angry bands.


He rose on high into the sky, 
And his truth eternally spans, 
How could you deny eternal bliss, 
Or imagine His ultimate plans?


Share His Grace with others around, 
Call on Him when you're feeling down, 
Face to face we will meet Him sound, 
And sing forever without a frown.


Show His power and love on your face, 
Encourage others and lend a hand, 
Where would we be, if not for Grace, 
Who dared to make that stand?

Copyright ©2018 Abdoulaye Thiam