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March Missions Highlight- Bangladesh


March Missions Highlight- Bangladesh

Matt Hahn


This month we are praying for the people of Bangladesh and this week would like to focus on the Shaikh people. With a population of 136 million and 0% being evangelical, the Shaikh are the largest unreached people group in the world. 82 people die every hour without knowing Jesus.

According to The Joshua Project, "spiritual darkness has prevailed over the land of the Shaikh for many centuries. The real struggle is unseen. Much, much prayer is needed." Here is a schedule of ways you can pray for the Shaikh this week.

Monday: Prayer must precede and accompany efforts to tell the Shaikh about Jesus Christ. Only the Spirit of Christ can persuade them. Pray for the Spirit to do this and prepare the hearts of the people to hear and believe the Truth.

Tuesday: Pray for the Followers of Christ: There are only a few believers in Jesus among the very large Shaikh community of Bangladesh. They need much prayer support. Pray for their physical and spiritual protection. Pray they will be lights reflecting the goodness of Christ in a dark land. Pray they will be faithful to fellowship together.

Wednesday: Pray for the Entire People Group: Pray for the Shaikh people to increasingly be drawn to Isa (Jesus) as they read the Koran. Pray he will reveal himself in numerous ways, perhaps including dreams and visions. Pray for release from spiritual bondage that has hung heavily over Bangladesh for centuries.

Thursday & Friday: Pray for Believers across the world to be willing to go and share the Gospel with these people.