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Commitment at Awaken Church


Commitment at Awaken Church

Matt Hahn


It's a word that can sometimes be intimidating. As humans, we often tend to avoid it at all costs. But, we are all committed - we are each committed to some thing and/or someone. And commitment isn't a bad thing, as long as what we are committed to is of the Lord.

Throughout the entire New Testament, commitment to a local church is talked about and even emphasized as a hallmark characteristic in the lives of those who profess Christ as Lord. To put it simply, true commitment to Christ demonstrates itself in a commitment to the family of God. Along those lines, it is healthy to ask the question "Am I committed to the people of God in the context of a local church?".

At Awaken, we believe that the Bible tells us that God has wired us to commit to the local church body and that through that said commitment, joy and true blessing will follow. Now, don't get me wrong, commitment is never easy, and the "blessings" I refer to deal directly with knowing Christ more intimately, not bigger houses and more money. But, it's true. God has wired us to commit to each other and it is then and only then when we will experience what true fellowship is like.

With that said, if you are not a "partner"(our term for member) at Awaken Church and are interested in what this means in our context, we would love for you to attend our Partnership Class this Sunday, September 18th, directly after the morning service. A catered lunch and childcare is provided. To sign up visit this website:

For the sake of the gospel,
Pastor Matt