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Jesus is Better


Jesus is Better

Matt Hahn

Temptation. We all experience it. We all feel it. And we all hear the lie that it whispers in our ears. Namely, "try me and you will be satisfied." The end result, however, is not satisfaction but a sick feeling of emptiness. Sin might look appealing in the moment but undoubtedly leads to feelings of guilt, remorse and despair. The reasoning behind this is simple: we weren't made for sin but for Christ. And whenever we begin to operate outside the way God has wired us, true satisfaction becomes impossible to experience.


In moments of temptation, remember that Christ is far more satisfying than any sinful, fleeting pleasure. He is always enough. He always comes through. And He is always better. So look to Him. Run to Him. Trust in Him. Walk in Him. And be satisfied in Him.

-Pastor Matt