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Gospel Centered Community


Gospel Centered Community

Joel Burgher

The following post was written by our Pastor of Discipleship, Jed Stevens.

Whenever you start learning about something new, you find out that each area of interest has a lot of jargon. Are you looking for a new smartphone? Time to learn what QHD, RAM, retina display, and OS all mean. Coffee aficionados talk about their french pressed, cold brewed, fair trade medium roast espressos. But what about the church? We have some lingo of our own as well.

Walk into most churches and you’ll see and hear some things that, to someone who has never been in church, make very little sense. We talk about communion, then drink little cups of grape juice and eat crunchy little wafers, we talk about Gospel-centered everything; community groups; and may even hear Greek or Hebrew words sprinkled throughout the sermon. We have our own language, and though it may make sense to us, we must be cognizant of the difficulty in learning our jargon and becoming comfortable with it.

Gospel-centered community. It’s a phrase that you’ll hear a lot at Awaken, especially from me. What comes to mind when you hear it? Living in Gospel-centered community doesn’t mean that you sell everything and become a monk, nor does it mean that you sit around and try to read a Greek New Testament while listening to Gregorian chants every time you get together with your community group. It means, quite simply, that you surround yourself with people who see Christ as Savior. When you do this, and your heart, and the hearts of those around you recognize that Christ is better than anything this world has to offer, Gospel-centered community becomes simple. In Luke 6:45, Jesus said, "The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” If our hearts are centered on Christ, every opportunity to gather with those who love Him, whether for Bible study or just to grill hamburgers, will become an opportunity to glorify God through community. So as it turns out, Gospel-centered community isn’t something to fear, or even something unattainable, it’s something to enjoy, to cherish, and to spread.

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