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Sending Capacity


Sending Capacity

Matt Hahn

If you have been around Awaken long enough you’ve probably heard us say, “we don’t judge our success based on our seating capacity but our sending capacity”. While we are a growing church that is seeing the Holy Spirit do amazing things on Sunday mornings, we realize that God’s mission is much deeper than a 90-minute segment one day a week. Simply put, if we aren’t training people up in Christ and sending them out to live on mission then we are failing to obey the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations.

Recently, we sent out the Whitelaw family to plant a church in Mexico City. As I had breakfast with Brad and Cortney this morning I felt bombarded by a mixture of emotions. On one hand I was filled with excitement for them as they take the gospel to a very dark place in our world; a place where many people wouldn’t even think of going. On the other hand I felt a great deal of sadness. Brad is one of my best friends, a constant source of encouragement and not to mention, one of the most powerful preachers I have ever heard. To know that I won’t be able to see him and his family in person for a long time hurts. Admittedly, I drove back home after our breakfast sobbing. The tears were flowing and I was crying like a little baby. After a few moments I composed myself and my feelings of sadness turned to joy. My dear brother and his precious family are going to plant a church in a place that is hostile to the gospel. They are putting down roots in a strategic urban center that is in desperate need for a strong evangelical witness.

Brad and Cortney, you are living out the mission of God and we couldn’t be more humbled to partner with your family. While it hurts to see you leave, it is also a strong reminder to us that God is moving in powerful ways and answering our prayers.

Much love,

Pastor M