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Matt Hahn

How do you respond when there is an opportunity for you to give to help support the church execute her vision and advance the gospel in their context and throughout the world? If we are honest with ourselves, money has a tighter grip on our lives than we choose to admit. While we have no problem investing in things like cable television, sporting events and clothes, when it comes to giving to advance the gospel we have the propensity to hoard instead of freely give.

As Christians we are all called to give of not only our time, and talents, but also our money. When you find a local church that preaches the gospel, is faithful to the word and is serious about discipleship and living on mission, commit to sacrificially and generously giving to help her fulfill the task God has given her. Will it hurt? Yes, all sacrifice does. Will it cost? Of course. Will it be worth it? You bet. The money that you give as a gift is a vehicle God uses to bring his name fame and reach people. If there is anything that we should desire to invest in throughout our lifetime, it is the mission of God through the local church.

Perhaps this story will encourage you: In the book of 2 Corinthians we read of the church being notified of a need during one of their worship gatherings. The elders of the church stood up and mentioned the need, and then members of the church literally “begged” the elders to take their gifts. For the glory of God and for the joy of all people, may we become more passionate about investing in God’s kingdom than our own.